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School Uniform

We encourage the wearing of school uniform in our school. Our colours are blue, grey and white and Rockcliffe children always look very smart. Our uniform is part of our school image, promoting a sense of togetherness amongst our pupils. It is practical and comfortable. Sturdy and attractive book bags are also available.
Uniform Orders are taken in school during the school term and parents of new starters can order items from our suppliers during their visits here. Replacements and additions can be purchased throughout the year. Items in school colours, but without the logo, may of course be purchased from a variety of local retailers.
It is very important that children bring their PE kit to school each week. Shorts, tee-shirts and sandshoes allow pupils to move freely and safely. Children need to wear trainers for outdoor games activities. Leggings and sweatshirts, or tracksuits, may be worn outside during the winter months.
Please mark all clothing and PE equipment with your child's name. There may be over two hundred pupils with identical items!
It is not necessary for any child to wear jewellery in school. Accidents can easily occur during PE lessons or playtimes, and earrings, necklaces etc. can cause injury. There is also a risk of precious items being lost or broken, so we ask children to leave their jewellery at home. If pupils' ears are pierced at the start of the summer holidays it is possible to remove the sleepers and studs once they return to school in September.